Jeff Greenfield



Few people know the absurdities of American politics better than Jeff Greenfield, CNN's award-winning political and media analyst. Now for all those millions of Americans who are still trying to figure out how we ended up with America's closest, craziest election, Greenfield takes us behind the scenes to explore Election Night 2000 and its tumultuous aftermath in all their surreal glory. From November 7th itself and its famous media flipflops ("Oh, waiter!" Greenfield proclaimed aloud, "One order of crow!") to its hard-fought finale, he leads us through and Alice-in-Wonderland world of butterfly ballots and pregnant chads, shifting deadlines and Doomsday Scenarios, lawyers, recounts, spin doctors, demonstrations, felons and faithless electors. It is an exceptional work of commentary and living history, destined to be a political classic.

Inside the Strangest Election in American History

Oh, Waiter! One Order of Crow!

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